Welcome to the world of coppice management. Above you can see our overstood pines in Duns Spa Wood being cut down for safety in November 2018. We are now replacing them with mixed hardwoods. In April 2022 some are already 10ft tall! We have our own willow bed.

Sales and Services

Note that “fresh willow” for structures, planting etc is only available from mid November to Mid March. Orders can be taken in advance, to avoid disappointment. Dried willow is available most of the year.

Prices quoted are as at our Woodland Gate. Buyer collection is preferred, as you can see our products and operation before you buy. We do not yet offer mail order, but we can offer our own delivery service, in the Counties of Northumberland, Tyne & Wear, Scottish Borders, and East Lothian. Contact us for details – (0)7973 769197.

Willow Basketry rods:

Triandra Whissender: 2ft-3ft, 3ft – 4ft, 4ft- 5ft, 5ft – 6ft,

Purpurea: 2ft-3ft, 3ft – 4ft, 4ft- 5ft,

Hurdling Rods:

Viminalis: 6ft – 7ft

Triandra Whissender 6ft – 7ft

Goldstones – Sorry, all sold out, should have more next autumn.)

Viminalis 7ft – 16ft, limited stock, prices on request.


Hurdling Rods (over 6 ft) are usually sold in bundles of 25 or 50, depending upon their length and weight. Basketry Rods (under 6ft) are usually sold by weight.

NB previous years’ rods are fully dry. This year’s rods are partly dry, because they are natural products which have to air dry slowly.

Triandra Whissender:

2ft-3ft, 3ft – 4ft, 4ft- 5ft, 5ft – 6ft, – £5 per kg

6ft – 7ft – £0.75 per rod

Purpurea: 2ft-3ft, 3ft – 4ft, 4ft- 5ft, – £5 per kg

Hurdling Rods:

Viminalis: 6-7ft – a few left, – £0.75 per Rod

For small round baskets – estimate 75 Rods approx. For medium baskets – 125 rods approx. Large Baskets – depends on style


(All courses are run at Duns Spa Wood, unless otherwise stated)

  1. Work and Play Safely in the Woods (half day)

2. River quality monitoring (Half day).

3. Introduction to Green Woodworking (full day)

4. Forest School activities for Children (Half day)

5. Forest Schools activities for Adults (Half day)

6. Getting an Edge. (Tool Sharpening)(1 hour).

7. Enjoy your Nature watching (Half day)

8. Introduction to the Pole Lathe (Half day)

Courses require a high instructor/participant ratio, depending upon the skill being taught. Children under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Course Accommodation

On site we have a very comfortable fully furnished holiday cottage which sleeps up to 4 people, comprising one double and one twin bedroom. Our prices are very competitive as compared with equivalent accommodation in the area. We can also offer reduced rates on the cottage for people attending courses. Click on the link below for full details of the cottage:

Coppice Management Consultancy

We offer coppice planting and management consultancy to farmers, and small land holders who are not entitled to grant assistance, at reasonable rates. We also work with community woodlands. Please contact us for further details.

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